AchAryAt pAdamAdatte, pAdam swamedhayA | sa-brahmachAribhyaH pAdam, pAdam kAlakrameNa cha ||
The above slokha opens up many facets, related to learning and teaching
– be it regular schools or spiritual learning, music or learning life lessons.
Abilash giriprasad with his students in classes
During a Carnatic workshop at Canada

To be successful in anything, one has to have a passion for it, and that leads to enthusiastic and demanding learning. A knowledge seeker is always a student throughout his life. Eventhough Abilash has been actively learning and performing Carnatic music, he has also been teaching carnatic music and he believes that there is always a process of learning in teaching too. Abilash employs various scientific techniques added with traditional practices and makes it interesting for the students with the support of latest available technology, which makes him one of the few most sought after, lovable, friendly and understanding gurus of the current generation of classical musicians. One important quality of Abilash as a guru is that he can connect with any student very quickly and can understand their needs and make them work in their way to achieve the goal.

Abilash’s teaching style and prompt responsiveness has attracted many students from multiple countries of the world, to be trained for advanced lessons under him. The adoption of modern education system for this age old art form makes him distinct from other teachers. Abilash has conducted various master programs and workshops for students from non-musical background and have made them understand the richness of our Indian classical music. He has trained students on Annual training programs with tie ups with various music schools in several countries such as Re-union Islands, South Africa, Switzerland, London, Canada and the United States of America.  He was awarded a special “Certificate of Honour” from the Department of Arts and Culture, Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban), South Africa for promoting and propogating Indian classical music in the Republic of South Africa.

Abilash is one of the strong pillars of support for propagation of Carnatic Music amongst the youth and an inspiration for many youngsters in various parts of the world. He is regarded as the favourite amongst the kids in the Cleveland Thyagaja Festival’s flagship program – “Sustaining Sampradaya”. He has trained several students during the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 under this program. Apart from teaching one-to-one online classes, Abilash has been taking specialized group sessions for larger groups of working people on topics such as “Music and mental health”, “Making carnatic music simple”, “How to make traditional music appealing to kids?” and many more.

Abilash giriprasad handing over the certificates to his students
Handing over the certificates to students

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