Abilash Giriprasad (born 04th October 1995) is an Indian Carnatic Classical musician. Hailing from a family of ardent rasikas of carnatic music, Abilash was initiated into learning this art form at the tender age of four, by his grandparents. He took initial lessons from  Smt. J. Rajeshwari, retired Vice Principal of Madras Music Academy’s Teachers Training College. Abilash, as a kid, was prompt in repeating the lessons that his teacher had taught. This enthusiasm in him transitioned him to a talented-knowledge seeking boy.


Raghavendra Gana Manjari

Embark on a musical journey to Mantralayam with hand picked classical melodies on Sri Raghavendra Swamy sung by Abilash Giriprasad.

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To be successful in anything, one has to have a passion for it, and that leads to enthusiastic and demanding learning. A knowledge seeker is always a student throughout his life. Eventhough Abilash has been actively learning and performing Carnatic music, he has also been teaching carnatic music and he believes that there is always a process of learning in teaching too. Abilash employs various scientific techniques added with traditional practices and makes it interesting for the students with the support of latest available technology, which makes him one of the few most sought after, lovable, friendly and understanding gurus of the current generation of classical musicians.