Abilash Giriprasad


About Abilash Giriprasad

In the realm of Carnatic music, one name that shines brightly among the youth stars is Abilash Giriprasad. Abilash embarked on his musical odyssey at the tender age of 4. Under the expert guidance of Vidwan A. S. Murali, a distinguished senior faculty member at the esteemed Kalakshetra Foundations in Chennai, Abilash quickly honed his skills and went on to embody the revered ‘Semangudi baani’ in Carnatic Music. Additionally, he dedicated several years to learning under the guidance of Vidwan Srimushnam Raja Rao, delving into various areas of specialization within the Carnatic music tradition.

With an impressive career spanning nearly two decades, Abilash’s musical prowess has captivated audiences around the globe. From the age of 7, he has graced the stage with his melodic performances, amassing a rich repertoire of concerts in prestigious venues across India and beyond. As an ‘A’ graded artist of the All India Radio, Chennai, Abilash’s mesmerizing melodies have resonated with listeners from diverse musical backgrounds.

Abilash’s musical journey has taken him on concert tours and tutorship programs to countries including the United States, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, France and Reunion Island. During his travels, he has shared his profound knowledge and mentored countless students, fostering a deep appreciation for Carnatic music worldwide.


Notably, in 2019, Abilash had the privilege of collaborating with the late Padma Vibhushan Awardee, Kathak Maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj, at the esteemed Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival in the United States. This rare opportunity showcased Abilash’s extraordinary talents on an international stage, further solidifying his reputation as an exceptional musician.

At the heart of Abilash’s performances lies his unique ability to seamlessly blend bhakthi (devotion), bhava (emotion), and laya (rhythm), captivating both his fellow musicians and audiences alike. His mellifluous renditions evoke a deep sense of spiritual devotion, showcasing his mastery over the intricacies of Carnatic music.

What sets Abilash apart is his captivating manodharma patterns, which continually push the boundaries of musical creativity. His powerful voice, impeccable diction, and brilliant ideas flow effortlessly, leaving listeners enthralled and captivated.

As one of the most sought-after musicians of his generation, Abilash Giriprasad continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide with his remarkable talent. With each performance, he effortlessly embodies the essence of Carnatic music, entwining tradition with innovation and paving the way for the future of this ancient art form.

Abilash Giriprasad’s musical journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, reminding us all that age is no barrier to achieving greatness in the world of music. With his unwavering dedication and unparalleled talent, Abilash is undoubtedly a rising star who will continue to enchant audiences for years to come.